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    Business Internet Features

    • Business grade speeds – no data caps
    • Transfer & download data-rich files fast
    • Support remote employees or branch offices
    • Power technology like video conferencing
      & cloud-based applications

    • Back up files with ease
    • Speed and delivery DSL can’t match
    • 24/7 dedicated, local support professionals
    • Stay connected with a network that averages
      over 99.99%  reliability

    • Gain peace of mind knowing we manage and
      monitor our network 24/7

    • Scalability: easily increase speeds as your
      bandwidth needs changes

    Based upon 2018 Mediacom Network Operations Center data. Does not include HFC issues or outages that affect less than 150 customers or standard exclusionary events. Based on annual average for internet network.

    Is Your Business Ready for Gigabit+ Internet?

    Enterprise-level 100% fiber-optic data and voice solutions.

    CABLE vs. DSL

    25x More Capacity than DSL

    In rural America, DSL has limitations on the speed it can achieve. While 100 Mbps isn’t fully deployed, in many instances 40 Mbps is the standard offering among this delivery tier. Cable now boasts an astounding 1 Gig speed tier to meet the demand of small businesses – and continues to widen the speed gap.

    speed-image 2

    Distance Isn't a Factor

    While voice calls can be carried over small distances, running data over DSL degrades the performance as service moves farther and farther from a phone company’s central office. Since Cable high-speed is designed from the ground up, it is not distance sensitive.

    distance-image 2

    Consistent and Reliable

    With so much of a company’s operations depending on fast, reliable internet access, consistency is crucial, particularly during peak usage hours. Explore the the Federal Communications Commission “Measuring Broadband America” program which stated in 2016 that DSL fell short in delivering the speeds it advertised while most of the major Cable broadband providers that were tested, actual download speeds were 100% of advertised speeds if not better.


    Broadband Network Investment

    The distance limitations of DSL mean that for a large percentage of a phone company’s footprint, the service will not be available. Since high-speed Cable internet doesn’t degrade over distance and runs over the same infrastructure that brings Cable TV to both densely and sparsely populated areas, it is available to a far wider customer base; in cities and rural areas alike.

    availability-image 2

    Need assistance leaving your current provider or service for Mediacom Business?

    Mediacom Business may be able to assist so you can move ahead faster.

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