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    Managed Voice Features

    • No large upfront capital costs.
      All phone system features are included in the monthly charge for the service. You have the option to purchase or lease the phones.

    • No on-site PBX to manage.
      The application server in the Mediacom Business network delivers the phone system features so there is no hardware for you to manage and support. Administrators and End Users have access to an online portal for easy administration of the system.

    • Feature rich.
      Provides phone system capabilities comparable to a premises based PBX.
    • No ongoing costs for software updates.
      The server is continually updated as new capabilities become available so you will always have the most up to date features without the cost and time to update your premises based phone system.

    • Scalability.
      With Hosted IP Phones, new users can be added without any capital costs and seasonal workers can be added and removed quickly by contacting Mediacom Business.

    • Business continuity.
      The phone system features are hosted at Mediacom Business so power interruptions at your site do not affect call delivery. You can quickly and easily forward your calls to a mobile phone or alternate number using the online portal.

    • 6 Answers to Your
      Managed Voice Questions

    Managed Voice Solutions
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    Offer Pricing: A 3-year contract is required. If you cancel any of the services within the 3-year term, an early termination fee may apply. Package price does not include standard installation fee ($99.95, more if special work is needed). Package price also does not include the following recurring monthly charges: (i) additional phone charges apply for optional features including: international calling, directory assistance and operator services; (ii) nonstandard installation charges, such as construction costs, internal wiring, auxiliary devices (overhead paging, door buzzers, etc.) or (iii) taxes, franchise fees and other amounts required by law to be collected or paid. These monthly charges may increase from time to time. Offer Availability: Offer is available only to qualified new business accounts who have not subscribed to Mediacom Business services within the last 6 months and not available to bulk accounts or in select markets. Requires CAT5 or better cabling to be present at each phone location. Mediacom Business’ Managed Voice Solution requires Mediacom Business High Speed Data. Customer IP Phones to be provided by Mediacom Business and will become the property/responsibility of the customer after the completion of the initial 3-year term. Other charges, conditions, requirements and restrictions may apply. © 2019 Mediacom Communications Corporation. All Rights Reserved.