Do I Need a Website if I Have Social Media?

Written by Kristi Salmon on March 25, 2015.

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Do I need a website if I have social media?

So you’ve got fans of your Facebook page and a bunch of Twitter followers, you may even have people connecting with you on LinkedIn. With the rise and importance of social media for a business these days, you may think that having a website would overpower your social presence or that a website isn’t worth it if you’ve got good things happening on social media. Do you really need a website if you’ve got social media?

The answer is YES!

While social media is great for attracting current or new customers, your website is the first impression many customers will see about your business. In some cases, customers may discover your social presence because of your website. Social media is a great place to communicate with your customers, no doubt, but it’s your website that gives you the credibility they want when viewing your company.

How does a website help?

Websites are still an important factor for businesses.  Many customers will often find a favorite company on social media because of links or buttons that proclaim the fact. Websites can also deliver an importance to customers by –

  • Establishing credibility for your company

  • Providing your company’s core values

  • Showcasing your company’s products and services

  • Giving customers confidence about doing business with you

The case for a website

Websites don’t need to be static anymore. Thanks to new technology, websites can be responsive, meaning they can be viewed not only on computers, but on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. As with social media, websites can be viewed while on the go, allowing for potential customers to view your company and its services while they may be on the way to your offices.

Your company’s website can display a wealth of information that can’t be adequately done through social media. For instance, customers can view or order products from your site if you have a shopping cart page; Amazon’s mobile app is a good example of a customer being able to view and then order a product from their phone.

Customers can also save your website to their browser for future viewing; with some browsers, they can bookmark your site on their phone and then return home to check it on their computers. The very aspect of social media makes it near impossible to save a page and expect it to still be there for the next five minutes.

Final thoughts

Having both a social media presence and a website can help your business thrive and make a profit by engaging customers through both platforms. Customers have a positive first impression, while also feeling satisfied in knowing they have multiple ways in which to communicate with you.