Does Your Business Have Enough Bandwidth? Part I: Common Uses

Written by Kristi Salmon on May 10, 2016.

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Businesses need robust bandwidth to drive capacity for video, speed for responsive cloud services, scalability for “Big Data”, and server reliability for workers both in-house and those remote. With advancements in modern technology, productivity and collaboration, even when mobile, are easier than ever. Day to day functions that run on the network such as file sharing, data transfer, video conferencing, HD streaming, mobile devices (BYOD), backups, and virus protection to name a few, all affect the amount of bandwidth each business needs. This will also fluctuate based on the number of employees engaged at any given time, something to consider so your business doesn’t “max out” bandwidth and wonder why data service may be latent.

How much bandwidth does my company really need?  Answering this question requires you to take a look at the several key factors that impact your speed and bandwidth requirements and assess your current usage levels for each. The core activities, functions, and technology applications that require an Internet connection, how many employees you have, and how many devices in use will all affect speed and performance.  The table below showcases an SMB hospitality business with 50 employees and the amount of bandwidth that is required in terms of upload and download speeds. Looking at each distinctive task, it doesn’t seem like a large amount of speed would be required, however collectively, it ramps up the overall requirement:



The amount of bandwidth a business needs will change from year to year as it grows and introduces more bandwidth heavy platforms.  As a result, organizations need to think about both short and long term goals when deciding.  

A lot of businesses think they aren’t a “big enough” operation to need fiber data and voice solutions but the beauty of Gigabit+ Fiber Solutions from Mediacom Business is the element of scalability.  Once connected to the Mediacom Business “fiber pipe”, turning up bandwidth as your business advances into other platforms is turn-key and seamless. It doesn’t require additional construction or down time.  Having that type of agility has pushed many businesses to take a second look at fiber solutions.

Mediacom Business has an array of high-capacity broadband packages to fit business’ needs: whether your business is simply using a credit card machine or conducting e-commerce to moving into desktop virtualization.  Our data delivery methods are fast and reliable – it’s simply a matter of matching usage to bandwidth.  Let us help you accomplish the most important thing of all: developing a solid plan for future growth. Preparing for future growth will ensure that the business you're running is more successful and capable of adapting to market changes. If you’d like to learn more about Gigabit+ Fiber Solutions and what it can do for your business, click here to contact one of our local Account Executives today.